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    Heavy leather protection for your hand and lower arms with a dash of colour thrown in. The gauntlets are held on by two fixed palm straps and fastened to your wrist using a 3/4" wrist strap with a further two straps closing the vambrace section. This style of arm protection does restrict wrist movement to a small degree and would not be suitable for a fencing fighting style. The thumb cover features two hinge points to allow you to fully grip things without restiction. Vambrace length 21.5cm, width at bottom 14cm, width at top 22cm, length 22cm, wrist strap fits 16.5-24.5cm upper strap fits 22-30cm.

    The Goblin Guide

    + Complete lower arm protection
    + Designed and made by us in the UK
    + Steel roller buckles for strength and easy fastening

    + Medium armour at most systems