Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags

Various Pouches and Bags carried on the shoulder for when you just can't fit any more on your belt.

A4 leather satchel

A4 Leather Satchel

Shoulder bag intended to fit an A4 ringbinder. Also fits other things such as cans of beer(lots), goblins arms,etc.This satchel is made from medium we...
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A black cylindrical bag with a flap

Bottle Bag

Shoulder slung leather pouch designed to hold a 2 litre plastic bottle. Be comfortable when you're carrying water for half the party. This pouch is ma...
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A large shoulder bag with a flap, shoulder strap and grab handle

Bridget's Bag

Soft leather shoulder bag with a buckle flap closure, carry handle and interior sleeve pocket. Shoulder strap is adjustable between 47-55"(120cm-140cm...
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Cunning Plan Baldric

Potions? Check. Dagger? Check. Notes on enemy location? Check. Packed lunch? Check. Now you can carry everything(well almost) you need for that missio...
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A leather knapsack with both shoulder straps attached to a ring in the middle of the back edge


Now you have somewhere to carry your Marshals baton. Medium weight(2mm thick) leather knapsack with shoulder straps and 9 mounting points for attachin...
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large leather satchel with riveted construction

Large Satchel

Large buckle fastening shoulder bag for when you have a serious amount of junk, scrolls, magical paraphernalia, shrunken head collection. Dimensions 1...
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A medium sized leather satchel with a strap buckle fastening laid aginst a moss covered rock

Medium Satchel

Medium sized buckle fastening shoulder bag for when belt pouches aren't enough. Will hold four cans of beer allegedly. Internal dimensions 10"x7"x2 1/...
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Small leather satchel with strap and buckle closure.

Small Satchel

Small buckle fastening shoulder bag for those annoying things which are just to heavy or bulky to fit into a belt pouch. Made from a medium weight lea...
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Stirrup Pouch

Small stirrup pouch to hang from your belt or round your neck. Suitable for coins, rubies, keys or eyeballs. The pouch is closed with a drawstring and...
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Wine Bottle Carrier

Equally at home on a perilous adventure or round the camps when you're claiming fireside hospitality, this simple bottle carrier on a shoulder strap c...
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