About Us

About Us

Darkblade are based in Greenfield on the edge of Saddleworth Moor. On a crisp winters day looking out of the window you can almost see the goblins arriving at the Battle of the 5 armies.

We've been building leather stuff for Larp for over 20 years, designs guided by our many years of larping experience(fighting, dying, running away, the usual stuff)

Our first love though is not moving stuff from a suppliers box to your package (although for you we'll make that sacrifice). No, what we really enjoy is designing and building leather stuff for you to Larp in.

Even though we carry a large amount of stock most of the goods you see on this website are hand made, therefore there may be a little delay in shipping your order as we may have to build it. But, if you let us know when you need that vital bit of kit for we will try and accommodate you. Also, if you have an idea for a piece of kit and can’t find it here let us know and we will see if we can build it.

If you see a goblin wandering about the site then it will be the work of the brilliant Myke Slater. You can see more of his stuff on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/scribblescollection/?fref=ts

Meet the Team

Within Darkblade LARP we have a highly experienced (read, getting on a bit) team of people happy to help you get the LARP Armour, LARP Pouch, LARP Costume or LARP Scabbard you need to create and dress your character.


Tim setup Darkblade many years ago before the Interweb knew what the Interweb was. Tim designs and builds stuff in leather and has thought of everything your character might need. He designs patterns, cuts up leather and builds stuff, answers the phone, trades at events and generally runs the company (well, it is his company).


Pete has worked at Darkblade for more than a decade. Noone is quite sure how he joined the company, he probably visited and just forgot to leave. Pete deals with printing, picking, packing and posting the orders, reminds Tim to do stuff, bashes rivets, answers emails, reminds Tim to do stuff, builds stuff and takes the blame when Tim hasn't done stuff.

Pete started live roleplaying back in the Treasure Trap days at Peckforton Castle (them were the days) and attended the final year. He then got involved in Spirit of Adventure and various other systems which used Gaffa Weapons and we wore Hessian from old potato sacks.


Megan is the youngest member of the Darkblade team having joined to bring the average age of the team to below 60.

Being the "yoof" of the team it is her responsibility to read the small print on letters, tune the radio to some new fangled rubbish, bend down to pick stuff off the floor, listen for the phone ringing and generally build and make stuff that requires young nimble fingers.

As can be seen, Megan even wears her hood up in work photos....typical "hoodie"....probably got her headphones on under there listening to hippy-t-hop music or making Tik-y-Tok videos...


Derek started his modelling career at the age of 2. He initially modelled nappies and clothing and during his teenage years it is rumoured he was the Milky Bar Kid (although he has never confirmed this). In his early 20's he strode the catwalks of Paris and Milan modelling for the high-end fashion houses, he was friends with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, all 3 often seen partying in London. Derek recently retired and has been modelling on a part-time basis for Darkblade. Derek currently lives with his micro-pigs on a small holding. His hobbies and interests include Waterskiing, Yoga, Real Ale and he has what is considered to be a world class collection of pencils.


Harry and Arthur are the oldest members of the Darkblade team. Both work day in day out creating LARP stuff without a single complaint. Both are nearing retirement and have plans in the future to open a small Tea Room in the Lake District.


When Lisa joined Darkblade she brought the Company into the 21st Century with the ability to engrave designs onto leather. Lisa has an impressive CV. She began her career back in 1964 bringing to life the words "I expect you to die Mr Bond". She starred in a number of films before Hollywood turned their backs on older actresses. She did a variety of work engraving garden signs and dog tags before joining Darkblade in a new venture to bring a new twist on LARP items. In her spare time she grows Orchids.


Sally has been with Darkblade ever since we started the website. Sally has the precision job of weighing every LARP order we send out. Sally takes care with every order to ensure the paperwork is accurate and correct and she takes great pride in her work. Sally lives in Oldham with her husband and 2 small children and on a Tuesday night plays Bridge at the local Community Centre.


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the P-Team.

If you need to have someones end cut or their hole punched these are the ones for you. No job is too big or too small for this group of hard headed layabouts. Tough as steel they sit about all day until called upon to do the business.