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    Potions? Check. Dagger? Check. Notes on enemy location? Check. Packed lunch? Check. Now you can carry everything(well almost) you need for that mission all on one handy baldric. A four and a half inch wide shoulder strap with fancy looking size adjustment via multiple strap and buckle sets, the carrying capacity consists of the following. A twin potion holder(bottles included). A front pouch(dimensions 41/2"x6"x11/2", 11.5cmx15cmx3.5cm). A small satchel suspended by two dee rings(dimensions 7"x7"x2 1/2") and finally a back mounted upside down dagger scabbard, dagger not included(max blade circumference 130mm, max handle circumference 125mm).

    Strap can be adjusted to be between 55" and 61", measured dee to dee as shown in one of the pictures. If you need something outside that range just let us know. We can also mount different stuff, just drop us a line with your idea.