Add To Your WishlistFairly Brave Adventurer's Belt

Add To Your WishlistFairly Brave Adventurer's Belt

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    This is not a Hero belt. Hero belts are for those loons who rush in before checking the situation out properly. The reason Hero belts are so wide is to hold the loons guts in – usually right after a spear trap has gone right through them.

    No, this is a belt for the sensible (and cautious) adventurer. It gives the benefits of a Hero belt, 3” wide outer belt spreading the load, 1.5” removable inner belt plus some extra dee rings to hang stuff on without inducing the dash in without looking or thinking that a Hero belt induces.

    Don't forget to measure over your costume, don't order your jeans size. The size listed is the fastened size of the belt not the overall length.

    The Goblin Guide

    + Designed by Roleplayers for sensible adventurers.
    + Made by us in the UK.
    + Solid brass or nickel plated brass buckle.