Larp Armour

Larp Armour

Welcome to our huge selection of Larp armour. It's nearly all leather and we make it all ourselves based on our experience of larp combats.

To start with the helmets there is a range of open face, fixed face and swing visor. Each facepiece design is a compromise between armour protection, vision in a fight and looking cool. Helmets are made to fit although we carry some standard sizes at Larp shows.

The Body Armour range covers breaks down into four basic designs. The tabard style armour which drops over the head and fastens at the sides has studs or plates to give added armour protection. Jacket style armour which is put on like a jacket and fastens down the front. This armour is made in both suede and leather with a range of sizes and lengths. The cuirass style is a classic back and breastplate armour made from a heavy leather. The last section is a combination of tabard and cuirass, a mixture of heavy and medium weight leather such as the claw plated armour which uses heavy leather shoulders and heavy leather plates on a medium weight leather for a more bulky look.

Arm and leg armour for Larp is covered by greaves and vambraces with scale tassets for the upper legs. The vambraces range from simple medium weight leather bracers to heavy leather articulated vambraces with extra decoration on top. Most are fastened with strap and buckles because it's so much simpler at a larp if you can put your own armour on. Greaves follow a similar pattern to vambraces.

Lastly there are seperate shoulder armours. Whilst they rarely affect the armour value of your larp character often it's all about the look. Extra shoulder armour can make your character look bigger and meaner.

If you don't find what you are looking for drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Please remember that all this armour is only designed for use in LARP. It is a physical representation of real armour not the real thing. It is not designed for use with metal weapons.