Shoulder Armour

Shoulder Armour

Let Darkblade Larp help keep your head on your shoulders. A selection of leather armour for your shoulders. Pauldrons, gorgets, spaulders and haute pieces for your upper arms and neck.  

Heavy leather armour covering the upper chest and shoulders

Gorget and Pauldrons

Stylish heavy leather protection for shoulders and upper chest. The gorget is fastened at the front with two strap and buckle set so you can put this ...
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Highwayman's Collar

This raggedy high collar covers the neck and shoulder, and can even be buckled up to hide most of the face. Inspired by the high collars in Brotherhoo...
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shoulder armour made of overlapping plates with extra plates sticking up out the shoulder

Karnesh Shoulder Armour

When the blows are flying thick and fast, help keep your head on your shoulders. The armour is made up of a gorget with underarm straps to keep it in ...
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Raider Shoulder Armour

Heavy shoulder armour for the walks through doors sideways look. The base of this armour is the Gorget(neckpiece) that is kept in place with underarm ...
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Scale collar

Soft leather shoulder armour reinforced with medium weight(2mm) leather scales. Buckle fasteneing this peice can work on it's own or over other armour...
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Single Shoulder Armour

Single sided shoulder and upper arm piece for when you need a combination of protection and mobility. A neck plate is held in place with underarm stra...
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