We've designed a large range of leather pouches to cover both general and specific LARP needs based on our years of larp and feedback from players about their Larp specific pouch requirements.

General purpose LARP pouches are covered by Large leather pouches, Monster Pouches and Soft Leather Money Pouch. The large pouch is available with either straight belt loops or hanging loops and is perfect for your wallet and general bits and pieces. The Monster pouch is just that, a huge, heavy leather pouch which you can fit your whole hand into to find those bits at the bottom. If you want to carry your Larp coinage then the soft pouch with it's supple leather and drawstring closure is the most secure pouch you can pick. Loop it over your belt or tuck it into one of your larger leather pouches.

For those of you who play healers, clerics or alchemists our specific pouch designs include the Potion Pouch which is available as either a single, twin, triple or the daddy of them all, the sixer. There is also the HealersPouch with potion bottles, salve pots and bandages. There is also a scroll tube to carry all your paperwork with you.

The A5 pouch as with the large pouch comes either with straight belt loops or hanging loops and is perfect for rule books or lore sheets when you don't want to fold your paperwork too small.(It also fits two cans of beer)

If you want sustenance in the middle of your Larp then the Pop Bottle Pouch will allow you to take a drink without showing the plastic bottle to the world, being detatchable from your belt, while the Shell pouch was designed for a bottle of Evian and two mars bars.

Once you've run out of belt space or need to carry something larger then there is a range of shoulder bags. The largest of these, the A4 is designed to take an A4 folder and pens but is also finding service as mask and claws bag for all the Weres out there. The Large Satchel is perfect for those with a large amount of clutter while the Small Satchel is the first step when you realise that belt pouches just don't cut it any more. There are also water carriers on shoulder straps such as the Wine Bottle Carrier to help keep you hydrated on your long quest.

f you have something specific you want a leather pouch for a telescope, box of wine, mask, claws, decapitated head, then drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.