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    Dwarven style larp bracers with a heavy leather reinforced with heavy leather hexagons with dome rivet decoration. The bracers are made up of two bracers sat one on top of the other. The heavy leather upper carries the armour whilst the lower fastening layer is a medium weight leather meaning it is more comfortable to wear for larp. As a finishing touch a leather tongue projects from the front of the bracers to further improve comfort by preventing chafing. Maximum protection and cosseting all in one very solid leather package.

    Dimensions of the bracer, width at bottom 14cm, width at top 21cm, length 22cm, wrist strap fits 17.5-27.5cm upper strap fits 20-30cm

    The Goblin Guide

    + Inspired by the dwarves in the Hobbit.
    + Multiple layers give depth to the armour.

    + Medium armour in most systems.