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    A 2" wide heavy leather baldric with a big brass buckle and a loop for your cutlass. Length of baldric as measured in the last picture is 52"-61". If you need anything different from that just drop us a line.

    The Goblin Guide

    +Loop will fit a sword blade circumference up to 5.5inches.

    +Heavy leather 3-3.5mm thick.

    +Rivet and punch decoration to end of strap.

    +Solid brass buckle.

    + Parrot not included.

    Seize the spirit of the high seas with the Heavy Leather Pirate Baldric—a swashbuckler's essential for both style and function. Cut from robust leather, 2 inches wide and boasting a formidable brass buckle, this baldric exudes the rugged charm of a true pirate. The cutlass loop ensures your trusty weapon is always at hand for daring escapades. 
    The no-nonsense design, free from unnecessary adornments, speaks to the practicality of a seasoned marauder. Secure the brass buckle, adjust the length to your liking, and set forth on your nautical exploits with the confidence of a buccaneer. This baldric is more than an accessory; it is a symbol of your adventurous spirit, ready to face the challenges of the open sea. May your voyages be filled with plunder and glory, and may your cutlass always be at your side, loyal and ready for action!