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    A monstrous multi weapon baldric to carry your sword, dagger, mace and throwing knives all on one rig. And there's a pouch so you can carry your paperwork with you as well. It's not a massive pouch, if you wanted to deal with lots of paperwork you've have become a clerk rather than a weapon wielding hero.

    The Ready(short for Ready for Anything) baldric is built on a four and a half inch wide strap with a twin throwing knife sheath(knives included) mounted on the front.

    Below that there is a pouch (dimensions 41/2"x6"x11/2", 11.5cmx15cmx3.5cm).

    Swords(not included) can be accommodated in the velvet lined leather part scabbard (fit a maximum blade circ 6"). Velvet lining gives a much smoother draw and protects the latex of Larp swords.

    Set above the sword scabbard is a poppered loop suitable for mace(still not included) or other hafted weapons (fit max haft circ 6").

    And finally a back mounted upside down dagger scabbard (dagger not included, max blade circumference 130mm, max handle circumference 125mm).

    The leather of the baldric is 2mm(5oz) thick, adjustment on size is by six small strap and buckle sets and can be adjusted to be between 55" and 61", measured dee to dee as shown in one of the pictures. If you need something outside that range just let us know. We can also mount different stuff, just drop us a line with your idea.

    Again the only weapons included in this listing are the two throwing knives.