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    When you discover that your shiny new kit doesn't include pockets you need something to put all those bits and pieces in. This pouch is made with a riveted construction and a 3/4" stamped whole roller buckle.
    There are two choices for attaching it to the belt, it comes with either hanging loops so it is suspended from the belt or with back loops so it is in line with your belt.
    It's a good size general purpose pouch, big enough for a wallet, some goblin fingers, folded up map to the treasure or a baccy tin but not too big to get in the way. Pouch dimensions 41/2"x6"x11/2", 11.5cmx15cmx3.5cm, back loops will fit belt up to 31/2", 87mm wide, hanging loops will fit a belt up to 2", 52mm wide.