Whether it’s Friday night’s game or a massive international tournament- we’ve got gear transport your stuff in style.

Rules Satchels and Covers

Don’t be the guy who turns up to the gaming table with your books in a tatty carrier bag- carry them like the tomes of forbidden lore that they are, in one of these!

Whatever your army or faction, we can customise your bag to exactly what YOU want. Like a servant-droid, we live only to please.

If you want something for casual play, grab a Slim Rules Satchel. Big enough for rule AND a codex.

But, if you like a few supplements and splat books, then requisition a Medium Rules Satchel. For those bigger games when you need ALL the books.

With an adjustable 2” shoulder strap, you can lug this around a convention hall all day.

Plus, it goes without saying that these bags prevent dog ears, crunched pages and all the other horrors of book damage. Do you AND your army a favour today!

Finally, these bags will basically last forever. How confident are we? Enough to stick a LIFETIME GUARENTEE* on it.

*Terms and conditions apply. Human lifespans ONLY. Does not cover dragon fire, more that 2d6 Psychic Damage or ogre digestive fluids.

Card Deck Boxes

Right, this is what separates the casuals from the real players. You’ve got plastic sleeves, obviously. This isn’t N00B hour. But if you want serious respect, you better get yourself one of these.

These are fully customisable, so whatever land/colour/flavour deck you have- you can strike fear into your opponents’ heart.

For a standard CCG deck, you need a Card Deck Box - Medium. This will hold around 120 standard size cards, keeping them safe and secure and away from Cheesy-Puff covered fingers.

If you need only a few cards, maybe tactics or strategy cards for a wargame, then get a Card Deck Box - Slim which will take up to 60 standard size cards.

But…If you need to transport a full card game, or you just have LOADS of cards- Card Deck Box - Large is the massive thing you need. There is room for 180 cards in this bad boy.

BUT MY CARDS ARE BIGGER/A WEIRD SIZE! I hear you cry. Then get in touch! And we will build you a custom sized pouch, mercilessly whipping our worker-goblins until it is made.

Dice Paraphernalia

Dice. Those chunks of fate, without whom we are be pawns in the hands of the Games Master! Those fickle pieces of destiny that shape the battlefield-

Oh sorry, got a bit carried away there…

You love dice! We love dice! We’ve got some awesome stuff.


The phase “Work of a mad genius” gets thrown around a lot, but this deserves it!

This Jaw-dropping scroll case contains:

Dice cup,

Rolling tray,

Dice storage

and best of all…figure storage for your PC’s miniature!

I double checked and it’s not a bag of holding. Just a really, really cool way to transport your stuff to the game.

Don't need to carry the character figure? Then try the sawn off version version, the scRoll tube . Don't forget we can engrave your faction/army logo onto this for you.

Dice cup,

Rolling tray,

Dice storage

Tired of cocked dice? Dice rolling on the floor? Seagulls swooping down and eating your dice? Ok, we can’t help you with that last one. But this Dice Tray will help keep all your rolls in one place. Best of all, it closes up with poppers, so it folds up neatly into your bag.

Where do you keep your dice? Why, in a Leather Dice Box of course! Darkblade have carried out extensive research into dice luck dynamics and those stored in a dice box are 13.8% more likely to roll the top number face than those stored in old socks*. Also, this works nicely as a dice cup, letting you roll loadsa dice all at once for those BIG, BIG shooting turns.

* I might just be making this up.

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