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    A leather box designed to fit approximately 120 standard(3.5" by 2.5") deck cards. Made using a 2mm thick Italian leather with 3.2mm thick side panels to make it more rigid. Buckle fastening so can never come undone accidentally. There's the option of a belt loop, it's shown in the last couple of pictures and will fit a belt up to 2"(50mm) wide.

    This one has a laser engraved ranger icon on the top of the box. We've drawn our own range of icons to represent the classes in D and D(other rpgs are available) rather than copy the Wotc ones.

    In the enchanted realms where the shadows of ancient forests echo with the whispers of untamed magic, behold the Ranger's Spell book Cards, ensconced within a vessel of unparalleled craftsmanship. Forged from the hide of elusive creatures that roam the Italian wilds, this spellbound box is a testament to the arcane artistry that transcends mortal realms.

    Crafted with precision, the box is crafted from Italian leather, each fibre resonating with the essence of the natural world. To fortify its mystical aura, thick side panels rise like ancient standing stones, bestowing an unwavering resilience to the whims of fate. As your fingers trace the surface, you can almost feel the heartbeat of the wilderness pulsating through the leather, a silent hymn to the spirits of the untamed.

    The lid of the box, a canvas for elven artisans, is adorned with symbols of the Ranger's craft—tracks of forest denizens, intertwined vines, and the subtle shimmer of moonlit glades. The edges bear the marks of countless journeys, as if carved by the very winds that carry the tales of the woodlands.

    A buckle, not merely a closure but a guardian of secrets, secures the contents within. Fashioned with an arcane design, it stands vigilant against the inadvertent release of the mystical arsenal within. The clasp, a sentinel of the ethereal, ensures that only the worthy may unlock the gateway to the Ranger's arcane wisdom.

    As you open the buckle and reveal the treasure within, a symphony of possibilities unfolds. Behold the 120 spell cards, each a conduit to the primal forces that dance in harmony with the Ranger's spirit. In this leather-bound reliquary, the essence of the wild is preserved, waiting for the chosen one to unleash its power upon the realms of Dungeons & Dragons.