It was the motherload. Finally, after a bloody quest it was theirs! Gold and jewels! Several king’s ransoms in treasure sparkled in the lamp light with glistening promise! Chests overflowed with riches beyond some pretty wild dreams and the adventurers whooped with joy despite their tired and aching limbs.
“Ummm, guys?” Asked Thogrim Shield-Biter.
“How are we going to carry all this stuff?”

Get a shoulder bag. They are really useful.

Not Dying of Thirst

One of the most important things in LARP is to MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER!

You’re running around wearing armour in summer. You need to keep hydrated. But you don’t want to draw grumpy stares when you crack open the day-glow OOC bottle of Lucozade. Don’t worry, we can help.

For a nice IC look, we have the Wine Bottle Carrier. This is a simple, over the shoulder sling to let you carry around a plastic (looks like glass, but won’t smash if you/someone else falls on it) bottle of water. The construction is riveted, so it can hold the weight of a full bottle. Perfect for swashbucklers who need to transport their wine.

Our Bottle Bag is perfect for liners and long battles. Designed to comfortably hold a 2l plastic bottle, The Bottle Bag is a great way of keeping the whole party up and fighting.

Stuff you need to hand

Things you need often. Keep them close by.

The Canvas Shoulder bag is a great piece of kit. Generously sized for looting treasure or keeping spell books handy. A nice feature is the zipped internal pocket for your OOC bits and bobs.

Or, if you’re after something a bit more leathery, we have leather satchels in a range of sizes.

These bags are perfect for LARP as they are made with your needs in mind. Solid and sturdy construction means these bags will last for ages and a good quality secure buckle should deter IC pick-pockets. One of the best things about these bags is that as they get used, they only look better. Because only 100% real leather is used in the construction, they will age beautifully. Shiny and fantastic when new, interesting and quirky when not.



When you need to lug around something heavy, like a Ritual Kit or some alchemy gear then a backpack is a great bet. These packs leave both your hands free for monster killing and are designed to sit comfortably on your back for the whole day.

Boasting a load of extra mounting points (for any tat which can’t fit in the bag) and adjustable straps (for bigger/smaller LARPers) the Heavy Leather Backpack is an absolute gem. This product is made to last, so you don’t have to worry about a strap breaking in the middle of the big final encounter!

As an alternative, the Knapsack offers the same solid construction and loving care (we cuddle every product for half an hour before it goes in the post) but with a slightly more “lived in” feel.

The leather is a little less shiny and it has the great feel of an epic journey to throw away a piece of costume jewellery into a volcano.

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