Larp weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes so over the years we've had to design scabbards to suit. There are multiple sword scabbards to hang it from your hip, from the custom made Full Scabbard to the simple Plain Sword Scabbard, with a Velvet Lined Part Scabbard a midway option. Alternatively you could sheath your swords on your back, either as a single Back Scabbard or a Double Back Scabbard.

Daggers are equally well provided for, you can carry your trusty larp knife in your lower Leg Sheath, at your hip or in the small of your back in your Horizontal Dagger Scabbard.

Hafted weapons can be carried either in a Mace Clip, a Weapon Ring or if you're feeling flash in a combined Mace Baldric.

There are also a number of specialist carriers Which you're unlikely to find anywhere else. We've developed a way of carrying your shield on your back yet still be able to get at it quickly using a Shield Strap. There is a Bow Carrier which is designed with the same concept in mind and a Spear Carrier that leaves both hands free.

We've also built numerous custom scabbards for those weapons which just don't fit any of the standard scabbards so if there's a weapon you're struggling with drop us a line.

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