“Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”
“Umm, Captain?”
“YARR, me hearty?”
“As the First Mate in charge of Health and Safety, I have to voice a concern. Firstly, that dead man’s chest is not nearly big enough to accommodate fifteen crew members without a significant risk of someone falling over. Also, alcohol can impede your sense of balance, which would be a hazard.”
“Yarr…” Said the Captain. “I suppose so…”

PIRATES! They’re great, aren’t they? For swashbuckling seafarers, brawling buccaneers and salty sea-dogs, we’ve got the kit to get you right into the action, cursing and roaring along with the best of them.

Swashbuckling gear

If you’re going to be a pirate, the first thing you need are some weapons. Otherwise, you just look like a poet.

First up, a Pirate Cutlass! At 36”, this is the perfect length for duelling and quick, brutal slashes. And it’s built to be safe for all major UK LARP systems, so although your foes will be IC mutilated, they’ll be OOC fine.

You’ll need a pistol! We’ve got loads! The Larp Pistol is a nice, practical weapon which can work for all black powder characters. If you need something flashier, We have the Ivory Pistol (100% ivory free). Finally for those who just want something that goes BOOM!, we have the Blunderbuss. A flipping well massive gun.

All of these fire caps, so you don’t need to worry about saying “bang!” each time you fire. Get some caps here.

To keep your blade ready, a land-lubber scabbard just won’t do! Check out our Pirate Belt, maybe combined with a Pirate Baldric. Or, for the truly flashly, Teach's Cutlass Baldric, a sheath worthy of Blackbeard himself.

Finally, get a Pistol Holster to keep your gun ready for blasting at a moments notice.


If you’re serious about the pirate life, you’ll need a few basic bits and bobs.

An eye patch screams “I am a pirate”. It’s the iconic bit of kit. We offer the Eye-Eye Patch with a snazzy looking gem and also the very creepy seeing-eye-patch which will let you peer into the depths of men’s souls. (Legal disclaimer, does not actually allow you to peer into the depths of men’s souls).

Keep your sea legs looks sharp with some proper, pirate boots. Simply pop these pirate boot tops over the top of some stout walking boots and you’re good to go.

Finally, you need a frilly shirt. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules. But we’ve got a cracking Frilly Shirt or a Landsknecht shirt which will do the job.

The Captain’s Table

Being the captain is great. A bigger share of the treasure and you get to say “AVAST ME HEARTIES!” as often as you like. But as captain, you’re obliged to cut an even more dashing and terrifying figure to inspire your crew.

The Captain’s Coat. It’s called The Captain’s Coat because only the captain gets to wear it!

Use this brass whistle to get your crew’s attention and to direct them in battle.

Finally, you’ll need a hat. But not just any hat. The BEST hat. This isn’t some low-quality fancy dress shop pirate hat. This is THE best pirate hat on the market today.

This is…The Leather Tricorn. Don’t believe us? Just read the reviews!

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