Stand or flee, fight or flight, our range of larp leg armour has something for either occasion, there's simple, light leather greaves which doesn't encumber you but can take the odd hit which means you can keep on running and equally there are heavily reinfrorced heavy leather greaves for when toe to toe with the troll is the answer. Of course there's also a large range between those two extremes to suit whatever your larp need is.

Our range of Larp leather leg armour is divided into that covering the upper leg and that for the lower leg.

The upper leg protection is not fixed to the upper leg but is attached to the belt. One example is provided by Scale Tassets with heavy leather scales on a soft leather backing with belt loops. Another upper leg armour are the War Skirt Strips, a series of studded leather strips which can be threaded onto the belt, the number of strips being adjusted to suit your waist size.

Lower leg protection sees a wide range of greaves all of which are fastened on by strap and buckle sets The simplest are the Plain Leather Greaves, made of medium weight leather buckled on, with a heavy leather version, the Heavy Plain Leather Greaves.

As well as different leather weights there are different levels of decoration. Adding decoration can increase the armour value in some systems, these are items such as Plated Leg Armour, the Dome Studded Greaves or in a heavier leather, the Decorated Greaves.

Some of the heavier greaves are covered in extra leather plates or metalwork such as the Leather Plate Greaves or the Dragon Greaves, in some places the leather overlaps to be 10mm thick.

Some of the armour is designed with specific character types or races in mind. The Leaf Greaves are a possible option for wood elf or ranger characters, while the Panzer Rock is deliberately made to look scuffed and raggedly made so it suits orc and goblin types.

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