Ladies armour is one of the trickier things to design in Larp. The female form has far more curves than the male one and getting everything to fit comfortably is a serious challenge. There are a lot of womens armours out there that look excellent but when you put them on you realise that it pinches in all the wrong places.

The armour in this section is all based on a heavily modified evening dress pattern. It uses a supple leather or suede base layer with additional levels of decoration to achieve the desired armour value. Laced leather gussets down the side allow minor sizing adjustments giving a spread of dress sizes, typically a spread from 6-10, 10-14 and so on. As well as allowing the armour to be tailored it means you can put extra layers on underneath for those chilly wintertime larp adventures.

The lighter versions are the Ladies decorated Coat of Arms while an increase in the number of rivets in the jacket build it up to the Womans Studded Coat of Arms. Depending on the Larp system you play then the Ladies Battlecoat or the Leather Plate Warcoat will allow you to claim a variety of heavier armour values.

There is also a variant designed for women who want to play ranger and elf types with the Ladies Leaf Coat which also features a built in hood, a design feature that has been used in a couple of other lighter weight offerings such as the Robyn Hoodie

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