Helmets are always a sensible idea for your Larp character even if your game system doesn't allow head hits. There's not a lot worse than an unpulled blow to the head especially if you're not expecting it. A simple leather helm will take the worst of any impact. If you're using a big shield then often the only targets your opponents have are your head or your feet.

Our leather helmets can be broken down into three basic types based on the visor. In Larp it's not necessary to have the same level of protection as you would need with metal weapons so our first type is the Open Face, helmets that have cheekguards and browbands but nothing really obstructing your view. This style of helmet also has the best chance of working with glasses. Good examples of this type of leather helmets are the Dwarven Helmet or the Leaf Helm

The next type are those with a fixed visor that covers the face. There's something intimidating in a larp fight if you can't see someones face clearly. There is a compromise in this though, some peripheral vision is lost so you have to balance up that loss with intimidation. Examples of this type of leather helmet are the Ripper Orc Helmet or the Wolf Helmet

The final type of leather helmet is the swing visor. It has a face covering visor but this can be swung up out of the way when not in combat, making negotiating wooded paths much easier. Good examples of this are the Elven Knight Helmet or the Leather Bascinet.

All of our leather helmets have the same design of bowl. If you are ordering off the website then we will ask you for your head size and build the bowl to fit. When we attend Larp shows then we carry a selection of helmets designed for the average head size.

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