“I need a healer over here! And here. And also here….Actually, never mind.”

To be fair there was a LOT of Sigmund The Invincible spread over the battlefield.

“Does anyone have a resurrection scroll?”

There is no quicker way to becoming someone’s best mate than a well timed healing potion.

Well, there is, but this is a SFW website.

From dedicated war-healers to anyone who just wants to have east access to their potions- we’ve got your covered.

Just buy us a pint when your leg grows back eh?

General healing

If you’re a dedicated healer, having specific kit is a great way to add a focus to a character’s costume.

Cruc Medicus is a great starter kit for an inspiring healer. With potions for magical maladies, bandages for broken bones and a scalpel for….well, cutting off the green smelly bits.

The next step up is the Chirurgeon’s Companion. This generous and sturdy satchel also conveniently holds salve pots, potions, a sealed pouch (good for keeping your medical fees in) and of course, a scalpel. Availible in brown (to hide the mud) or black (for secret night time healing).

Finally, this beast. The Salvation.

Salvation is the figurative kitchen sink of healing. This backpack contains anything you will ever need for even the bloodiest of liners! The great thing is that it can be undone with just s single buckle, so no wasted time when your mate is trying to stop his insides from becoming his outsides…

Ah! The Vistorian age! When medicine became even more gross (if that was possible). Amputations, tooth pulling, ether surgery- What’s that? You only came in with an ingrown toenail? Spoil sport…

Great for Cosplay!

Herr Doktor will see you now….

This utility apron is a great layer of kit to have. Sturdy and practical- it also have some pockets at the front for any missing limbs.

FINALLY! A convenient place to keep your laudanum! Choose this in brass and brown leather (as if we needed to tell you!)

Lots of spare potion bottles! Won’t smash if you (or anyone else) falls on them. These are great for miracle cures, tonics, lotions and potions of all sorts! Take a few empties for collecting any interesting substances for your experiments…

Combat Medic

By definition, dangerous situations tend to get people injured.

That’s where you come in, you big hero you! Make sure you’re protected while you bravely drag your comrades from the front line!

The field surgeon’s vambrace means that you can rush in and perform an emergency amputation and bandage them up afterwards with everything you need at hand! Well, on your forearm at least.

This is made from quality leather, so it will count as armour in most systems- giving you an extra hit or two hits as well.

For emergencies, it’s always good to have a healing potion handy. With this affordable, yet durable potion holder you can have your life saving elixir around your neck and ready to down as soon as you can say “TRIPPLE POISON THROUGH”!

It’s the last fight of the weekend. The tanks are down to their last few hits and the crew are still as bloodthirsty as they were at time in. It’s time to bring out the big guns. That’s SIX, count ‘em, SIX healing potions! If this can’t solve the problem….leg it. Remember, you don’t have to out run the crew, you only have to outrun the other players.

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