“Look at him. Thinks he’s so big, just because he’s the head of the faction and everyone loves him,”
“Mr high an’ mighty!”
“How did he get the job anyway?”
“He had the fanciest hat.”

Hat wearing. Wearing a Hat. The ultimate goal of fest LARPing. Well, we can’t make the Lord/Lady of Thingymabob or the Archmage of Suchandsuch. But we can help you down your road to conquest, glory and being mentioned in the system Wiki. And it all starts with a good hat.

Head Bands

Headbands are great! They look fantastical as anything and can break up what was previously a boring, plain old head. We have a massive range of different bits of leather to make your forehead more exciting to look at.

For something fancy that works for an elf, wizard or anything a bit special, the Jewel Headband is what you need. Choose a sparkly gem from 6 different colours. Best of all, it’s a sparkly PLASTIC gem, so it won’t shatter.

For a stoic warrior, the Wolf Headband looks striking. The metal wolf is securely fastened with soft suede lacing, so it will stay put while still being comfortable. If you’re a rugged mercenary, witch hunter or person who loves wolves- this is for you!

If you’re after something more generic, perfect for any character, we humbly present the Viking Leather Headband. It’s a strip of wavy leather that you fasten to your head. Looks great, cheap as chips. Perfect!


The right hat can make a character, and we have some awesome ones right here!

If you’re a merchant prince or a mad fae ruler then the Gnome King's Hat will make sure you’re someone to listen to and your subjects will obey your mad edicts and rambling decreases (probably).

Or, for the classy city slicker, we have a nice, simple Cotton Beret. A sophisticated piece of kit which comes in red, green, blue and black to match every outfit. Would suit anything from a duellist to a craftsmen and everything in between.

Hither came our Rus Hat! The fluffy, leather, trimmed with top quality FAKE fur. Comfy to wear, a hat with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth. To keep your head warm under its big, fluffy cozt brim.

We can say with absolute confidence this is the finest barbarian hat on the market today. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and steal the lammies of their faction!


When a full-length cloak is too much, or you just want to add the final touches to a costume, consider a good quality hood. They’ll keep the sun out of your eyes as well as the rain off your face. And stop your bald patch from getting sunburned.

Our armoured Hood is reinforced with thick, riveted leather- but comfortable enough to wear all day.

It also covers your shoulders to help protect against nasty pole-arm strikes. Check with your system, but this is solid enough to count as light or even medium armour.

Get the Armour Points and still look stylish!

Or, if you’d rather sneak through the woods, the Leaf Hood is what you’re after. This is the mantle of choice for any ranger, druid or nature type. Browns and olive greens will mean you’ll effortlessly blend into the surroundings! Just don’t step on any twigs…

Finally, for the dodgy type who likes to shiv people in dark alleys then run away, we’ve got the Brown Raggedy Hood. This is the hood for assassins, thieves and cutthroats and would also be perfect for monstering. Don’t let the looks fool you, although it looks rough and tumble, it’s just as durable as any of our other products. Each of our raggedy hoods are unique, making sure you’ll look great on the field.

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