Vambraces are one of the first bits of Larp kit that many people buy. They can change a charity shop shirt with the collar cut off into a sturdy adventurers tunic. They can also keep your arms functioning in a fight, always a useful feature, as the bits that wave around in the breeze are always the first to get hit. Just as there are many choices in the styles of vambraces there are multiple names that these lower arm defences are known by, but using bracers, vambraces or even arm armour are all equally valid in Larp.

Our leather arm armour has many options available allowing you to choose the style that would suit you and your character best.

There are decisions whether to just protecting the lower arm such as the Decorated Heavy Leather Bracers or covering the lower arm and hand, the Fancy Bridle Gauntlets or adding a hand armour to an exiting pair of vambraces with ½ Cuff Ring Gauntlets

Then there are two different leather weights used in the construction, medium weight leather which is 1.8-2mm thick, as used in studded bracers and heavy weight leather which is 3.2-3.5mm thick, as used in Splint Vambraces. In some cases this thickness is increased when secondary layers are added, either by stitching, Ranger Vambraces or riveting on Leather Plate Bracers.

Fastening on vambraces can be done a couple of ways. The simplest is laced through eyelets such as Laced Leather Vambraces, or with strap and buckles such as those on the superior studded bracers

Depending on the rules system decoration of vambraces can make a difference to the armour value they're given. Added plates on Plated Arm Bracers can change it from light to medium or the added rings on Heavy Ring Vambraces might give you no advantage apart from looking so much better than the Plain Heavy Leather Vambraces.

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