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    A leather box designed to fit approximately 120 standard(3.5" by 2.5") deck cards. Made using a 2mm thick Italian leather with 3.2mm thick side panels to make it more rigid. Buckle fastening so can never come undone accidentally. There's the option of a belt loop, it's shown in the last couple of pictures and will fit a belt up to 2"(50mm) wide.

    This one has a laser engraved cleric icon on the top of the box. We've drawn our own range of icons to represent the classes in D and D(other rpgs are available) rather than copy the Wotc ones.

    In the mystical realm of Dungeons and Dragons, behold the Leather Card Box for Cleric Spell Cards, a sacred artifact meticulously crafted for the devoted disciples of divine magic. Forged from the supple hides of creatures of the ethereal plains, this enchanted vessel is designed to house the sacred scrolls of a cleric's divine repertoire.

    Wrought with care and reverence, the box is constructed from a lustrous 2mm thick Italian leather, bearing the essence of ancient craftsmanship. Its sides, robust and steadfast, measure a formidable 3.2mm in thickness, ensuring that the sanctified contents within are guarded against the malevolent forces that may seek to corrupt them.

    The intricate fastening mechanism is a testament to the artisan's skill—an unwavering buckle, resolute in its duty to secure the knowledge contained within. This ensures that the sacred scrolls of holy incantations remain steadfast and steadfastly guarded, never to be scattered by whimsical winds or accidental missteps.

    With dimensions tuned to cosmic precision, this Leather Card Box embraces the sacred geometry of a standard deck, accommodating up to 120 divine cards. As the buckle is secured, the cleric can embark on quests and adventures with the certainty that their spiritual arsenal is organized and ever-ready for the divine battles that lie ahead.

    May this artifact serve you well, noble cleric, as you navigate the realms and call upon the powers of the divine to smite your foes and heal the wounds of your companions.