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On the 25 April we leave to live in a field at the PD Empire event until we return on Monday 30th when we will unpack and re-pack the van to leave on Wednesday 2 May to live in a field at LT Moot until Tuesday May 8th.

We will be leaving a Goblin all alone in the workshop to deal with orders, queries and making stuff so please be kind to him if he doesn't reply to your query straight away or if there is a slight delay in getting your order out...but...please don't be worried about him as we will make sure someone drops off a sandwich and drink each day.

Larp Armour And Weapons in the UK

Welcome to our online LARP shop. We hope you find all you need here to equip yourself from head to toe in the finest LARP leather armour and accessories around.

We've spent years playing the game and know all the sorts of things that a Live roleplayer needs, whether it be for fighting, spellcasting or just plain running away. All of the leather stuff is built by us to our own designs and we've come up with solutions for carrying all your weapons, pouches for every conceivable need and armour that you can fight in and still move.

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    What we really enjoy is designing and building leather stuff for you to Larp in.

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