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Welcome to our online LARP shop. We hope you find all you need here to equip yourself from head to toe in the finest
LARP LRP leather armour and accessories around. We build all the leather stuff ourselves (apart from the trousers)
and have such faith in our workmanship that it comes with a lifetime guarantee

Featured Products

Nameless Jack

Nameless Jack

Light armour with flair. Asymetrical fastening suede jack cut for the female form.

From 100.00

Medieval Shirt

The happy shopper friday saver Medieval Shirt

A medium weight cotton collarless unisex shirt with a laced neck in a classic medieval cut.

From 20.00

Leather Hex Armour

Leather Hex Armour

4 panel lace together leather coat massively reinforced with heavy leather hexagons set with dome studs.Over 180 hexagons and 1000 dome headed rivets. Fit chest 40-46"(100- 116cm) Belt not included.

From 325.00

Hex Vambraces

Hex Vambraces

Heavy hexagon protection riveted onto suede lined, medium weight vambraces. Dome cap rivets add to the three dimensional feel of this armour.

From 35.00

Elven Knight Helmet

Elven Knight Helmet

Protect those heroic features from harm whislt dealing with the goblin rabble. Heavy weight leather helmet with a pivoting visor which can be clipped up out of the way.

From 80.00

Raider Shoulder Armour

Raider Shoulder Armour

Heavy shoulder armour for the walks through doors sideways look. Wide sliding strips attached to a buckled down gorget. Can be worn over other armours such as chain and our tabbard style armours.

From 85.00

Splinted Leather Greaves

Splinted Leather Greaves

Heavy leather greaves reinforced with heavy leather strips.

From 62.00

Flanged Mace

Bone bashing time Flanged Mace

Smash, bash, crush, crunch it's bone bashing time with one of life's subtle weapons, a 32" flange mace.

Templar 42

Templar 42

One and a half handed sword with clean lines fit for any fighter. Built to comply with all the major system requirements. Available with full scabbard

From 72.00

Dwarven Hero Belt

Dwarven Hero Belt

6" 15cm wide hero belt with two integral, removable belts. Help to hold it all in.

From 65.00

Bow Carrier

Bow Carrier

Now you can carry your bow strung and ready for action yet still have both hands free. Uses a chest strap with a clever arrangement of poppers and a belt mounted bow shoe to keep your bow securely on your back yet quickly accessable. Look at the v...

From 29.00

Leather Tricorn

Leather Tricorn

A robust peice of headgear suitable for all pirates, sorry I meant reaver, no sorry, buccaneer, so sorry, seafareing folk. Made from medium weight leather.

From 39.00

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